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What is damper?

reading quantity:   date:2017-04-05 18:11:52

 When you hear the damping, the first reaction is what?Feel a bit strange?But actually made use of damping damper is everywhere in our daily life, provides a great convenience to our lives.What, then, the damping is?Today we have to explore this to for small damping.

  As we all know, the various friction and other barriers to free vibration attenuation effect, we call it a damping.And placed on the structural system of "special" component can provide motion resistance, energy depletion movement device, we called the damper.Using damping can shock absorption was not a new technology, in the aerospace, aviation, military industry, guns, automobile and other industries, has already been applied in all kinds of dampers or damper for vibration energy dissipation.

  Just one component, that is to say, damper used in different places or different working environment have different damping effect.In the speed or acceleration is more than the value of the corresponding locking, form a rigid support.At present various applications with spring damper, the hydraulic damper, pulse dampers, rotary damper, air dampers and viscous dampers, etc.

  But in the end, damping is what?Manufactured using damping of the damper is how to work?Today let us to know about the working principle of the damper and purposes.

The working principle of damper is introduced

  Using damping damper is made of a very important component in the hardware fittings, but it is how to work?Damper is first applied in aerospace, military industry and other industries, its main role for shock absorption efficiency, then slowly applied to architecture, furniture hardware and other industries.Damper in a variety of forms, such as pulse dampers, magnetorheological damper, rotary damper and hydraulic damper, different damper can take different forms, but the principle is the same, all is in order to reduce vibration, friction will be converted to internal energy, the operation of the whole system.

The role of ambry damper is introduced

  Damping is most widely used in furniture hardware cabinets and used on the door, first to see the application situation of ambry damper.Ambry damper damping slide rail, mainly using the general mainly stainless steel ambry play goal.See above ambry design display cabinets, stainless steel as the main material to build the body of the cabinet pull basket, install the damper in ambry pull basket sliding track, with the buffer gear combination work, have the effect of shock absorption efficiency when ambry smoked pull, draw more smoothly.And the whole ambry has the reasonable multiple bowl basket design, can be placed to receive different bowl bowl, spoon, chopsticks and other kitchen appliances.

The role of the sliding door damper is introduced

  And the damper on the door is more commonly is used on the sliding door, sliding door of mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic damper has 3 kinds.When you force to the sliding door on dampers have the effect of a reaction, when the door after open people through automatically closed, to ensure that the door will not hit the woodwork.Above the door design of display, sliding door and pushed the door and two kinds of commonly used door, under the use of damper, door of push-pull is more convenient, at the same time damper with mute function makes the door switch will not screeched when closed.

There are a lot of different damper hardware building materials brand style, you can choose according to their needs without damper.Which can be found that although the modelling of damper is small, but in our life can play a bigger role, bring convenience to our lives, build an extremely comfortable household environment.

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