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damper trend of application in the domestic field

reading quantity:   date:2017-04-05 18:11:49

With the development of the society, people on the improvement of health consciousness and aesthetic level, and performance requirements of the consumers on product increases.So in the innovation of the product function is indispensable, can prove the following casesdamperThe trend of application in the field of all walks of life.

Sunday to accompany a friend to buy the kitchen and the bathroom decorate material, when choose when buying then sit toilet, toilet first see did not slow down the function design, the lid down, the speed of any contact with the toilet of the "bang" a shrill noise, it sounds so fidgety, this is the noise in public places, if only in the quiet home to hear the voice, that feeling really didn't have to say.Next to let design the toilet has slow down function, the lid slowly lowered, and without any noise.Two toilet price differs a few hundred, but a friend or with the function of slow down and sit toilet.The price is not important, important is whether product can bring consumers convenient and practical.

In our life, more than the examples above not ShengJu, in today's slow down, in the design of the damper is the best choice.From the 1990 s to today, the damper from obscurity to the now well-known in the domestic market, with its application in all walks of life field, the case of product damper installed on the necessity.

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