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Mutual profit is the way of cooperation for a long time

reading quantity:   date:2017-04-05 18:11:45

In QianjI Damper for more than ten years of sales, or long-term sales in the future, we maintained the principle: "four points can profit, we just three points profits," win profits is the big fear of enterprises, long-term meager profit is the enterprise survival rule.

Several veteran manufacturers, cooperate with us for many years, just to us, to our quotation, manufacturers make market survey, fair and reasonable price to us, strong production background, come our factory on-the-spot investigation's entourage.Cooperation for many years, the product is monovalent, have on the basis of the economy, adjust the price of raw materials, the two sides never dispute on profit.

Both ourselves and our customers, in the purchase of a good team, won't make a hasty decision.On the quotation, the purpose of holding the winning violence, may be opportunistic, get the success of one or two, but sooner or later one day will lose your customer, as the notorious reputation in market, waiting for the fate of the enterprise, only to fail.Fair and reasonable price, mutual profit, is the key to an enterprise survival.

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