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Health management system, better customer trust

reading quantity:   date:2017-04-05 18:11:43

Our ultimate goal is to produce manufacturer can win the profit each other with our customer, as a manufacturer,damperAbroad has been widely applied in the field of all walks of life, at home, from technology to industry applications, are still in the beginning of trend, to rapid growth, the company's management plays an importance role.

Whether a company strength is abundant, high bottom, staff quality, enterprise culture can be reflected from the company's management, client the most care about is the quality of the product.A product to start production to the customer, customer will not care about the process, only care about the quality of the products, we to the percent of pass is up to 99% efficiency, has won a good customer, yong sheng damper this brand has been widely spread.

Qianji Damper staff 200 people, including senior engineer 4 people structure design, engineering and technical personnel 8 people, all kinds of management personnel 23 people, in management and technical people, from the company was set up to now basically do not have personnel changes.An enterprise management system has a good health, a group of like-minded partners team of lively feeling to customers, the enterprise reputation.

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