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Encourage employees to have depth study and progress in the

reading quantity:   date:2017-04-05 18:11:40

"Big of heart has how old, stage", "as if moving, sincere and should be", "casting brilliant tomorrow" attentively, Qianji Damping USES its own unique corporate culture to inspire working every staff, motivate every employee in the work positive enterprising, attention to detail, and strive to achieve perfection and perfect.

In job performance outstanding employees, the company not only can be carried out in accordance with the relevant personnel system internal ascension, and can have a chance to attend the higher level of training abroad, the company will have a higher position shall be arranged.In addition, Qianji "elastic welfare" is also motivate employees in the company's work has a depth of the effective way to learn and progress, is the company welfare into multiple steps and class, has a relatively large elastic space, the performance good staff, bonus and welfare is better than the other employees, thus further improve the staff's work enthusiasm and sense of responsibility, work efficiency and product quality improved obviously and improved.

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