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The use of support type damper

reading quantity:   date:2017-05-03 08:59:49

Support type damper diaphragm highest use of pressure pulsation dampener for: plastic is 1.0 MPa, metal material is 2.5 MPa, overpressure shall be forbidden to use, so as to avoid shell burst danger.The highest use temperature 75 ℃.The lowest temperature 5 ℃, the best temperature using 10 ~ 45 ℃.
Support type damper installation process, should avoid collision, in case of broken shell.When installation should reserve enough space around the pulsation dampener, facilitate the pulsation dampener prefi lled gas and maintenance and adjustment in the future.Pulsation dampers between the fixed bracket and a damping material should pad, to absorb the shock of the pulsation dampener shell energy, prevent the common vibration at the same time.
Support type damper before use nitrogen or argon filling, pressure for the system average of 50% to 80%.If installed in the pump outlet, recommend prefi lled 50% pressure, if installed at the entrance of the pump, recommend prefi lled by 70% to 80%.If don't prefi lled gas should be put for a long time, to extend the life of the diaphragm.Pulsation damper diaphragm is made of PTFE lining rubber (PTFE), not prefi lled oxide gas (such as oxygen, air), otherwise it will increase the oxidation rate of rubber, reduce the service life of the diaphragm.Large gauge pressure should be slightly when using swing, swing, explain prefi lled small gas pressure or small selection, does not mean that prefi lled gas pressure swing or pipeline.

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