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Optimization of damping vibration system parameters

reading quantity:   date:2017-05-03 08:59:42

In damping measurement process, we found that the different choices of different system parameters (such as the quality of parts size, location, etc.) on the damping vibration reduction effect is nonlinear, that is to say, is not monotone increasing damping can improve the effect of vibration reduction, in the design of damper damping system, both to ensure that a certain amount of damping values, and to make the system natural frequency is less than the specified value, due to the flow characteristics of damping medium, damping and stiffness of the damper is contradictory, the larger the damping of silicone oil viscosity, the greater the flow time delay, the more obvious, which show the additional stiffness increases, make natural frequency increases, as a result, and cause the vibration damping performance is abate, offset the effect of damper, so it is necessary for the actual vibration reduction system of working parameters optimization, due to the nonlinear characteristics of the liquid damping itself makes the analysis process is complicated, here we only qualitative carries on the discussion, in the experiment by adjusting the system stiffness, incentive methods were studied, the results show that the additional stiffness is smaller, damper damping, the more obvious, namely the energy dissipations of the liquid flow.Therefore, system stiffness on the guarantee system strength and stability under the condition of little value as much as possible, that we can be revealed on flow field analysis, the calculation results show that changes in the rate of energy dissipation is nonlinear, sufficient flow state is related with silicone oil.

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