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Application and characteristics of fixed page type rotary damper

reading quantity:   date:2017-05-03 08:59:41

Fixed vane rotary damper is a kind of implement ring cover, slow rotary buffer, also known as flat escape, damper.
Including fitted to the inside of a relative and the longitudinal reinforcement of buy two plastic shaft shell body, a relative and one with two set of longitudinal reinforcement and placed in plastic shaft shell, the other end extends outside the shaft shell and is equipped with rib trough axis, the sealed sheath and form a sealed cavity, damping oil seal cavity injection, described in the axis of longitudinal reinforcement on the body has a circular groove and activity pin joint damping piece to form a check valve.Can be widely used in all kinds of toilet ring cover, and can make the circle covering slow down fall easily, simple and practical, the effect is ideal.Rotary buffer, the utility model consists of cylinder body and shaft core, on the inner wall of the tube body is equipped with a raised on separator, axial end in a lumen tube body forms a seal between the cylinder body and the cavity, out the other end of the shaft core barrel body, on the axial outer wall also has a tangent to the cylinder body wall flap, between axial and the separator is equipped with blade, separator, blade and wing will be inside the tube body cavity is divided into compression and compression cavity, pressure and without pressure cavity are equipped with damping oil, blade including arc system board and Settings in the curved front and the back rib plate, seal oil unloading floor, arc board back on the axis core, seal oil floor, unloading floor for separator formed between insert and greater than the thickness of the separator activity space, in the unloading floor and curved motherboard is equipped with multiple oil discharge gap.Is the buffer effect is good, durable, products of good quality and machining error is small, processing is convenient, simple structure of the rotary buffer.

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